Public Release of Pelion Vault: Banano Edition

Michigan, USA
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA - April 1, 2023

A new private key manager, Pelion Vault, is in development by Chiron Cryptography, Inc. The first public release of Pelion Vault will be a free version built specifically for the Banano community to celebrate Banano’s 5-year anniversary.

Pelion Vault: Banano Edition will become available for download on April 14th, 2023. It is free to use and will empower users to generate private keys for customized “vanity” network addresses in a cryptographically secure manner and store them in an encrypted local Vault.

Pelion Vault: Banano Edition includes the following tools to empower the Banano community in their journey:

  • Generator – As an offline private key generator, the Generator tool empowers users to create their network addresses in a secure, offline environment and directly store the generated private keys in a Vault of their choice. It includes a Regex-compatible search feature which generates millions of addresses per minute and matches them to the user’s criteria. Pelion Vault: Banano Edition includes the option to designate a prefix for the search so every Monke can have an address that starts with ban_19.

  • Vault – This namesake tool of Pelion Vault uses military-grade encryption to store designated private keys with an optional second layer of encryption at the individual private key level. In addition to storing private keys, users can input other vault items such as logins, notes, questionnaires, and more to store within their Vaults. This gives users the opportunity to store other detailed reminders, instructions, logins, and more in an encrypted environment. Pelion Vault: Banano Edition includes the option to directly import wallet files exported from a wallet.

  • Keychain – With all the vault items a user may create, it is essential to use distinct passwords to protect them. Similar to other commercial password managers, Pelion Vault's Keychain uses an initial ‘root password’ to encrypt and store any passwords generated within Pelion Vault in order to make them more accessible to the user.

  • Breaker – With a multitude of options available for securing, it’s possible for users to lose part of their mnemonic phrase or forget the index of the address they used. With Breaker, a user can input as much of their mnemonic phrase as they remember, mark each word or space in the phrase with a confidence rating, and provide the target address they want to recover. Breaker then runs millions of variations of the mnemonic phrase per minute, including the option to search through indices. This protects Monkes from having their own SOOK experience.

“We are committed to building robust security tools and Pelion Vault: Banano Edition is the first opportunity for the general public to see that firsthand,” said Rob Dahlhausen, CEO of Chiron Cryptography, Inc. “We believe in encryption for all, and we are proud to build on Banano first alongside the Banano community.”

As a birthday gift to all Monkes, Pelion Vault: Banano Edition will be available as a free download on the Pelion website beginning April 7th, 2023.

Chiron Cryptography, Inc. is an information security startup based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. The company was founded in 2021 with the mission of helping people secure their digital experiences. Chiron Cryptography, Inc. offers B2B information security and development services and security products including the upcoming application Pelion Vault.

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